Hi, I'm Mary, and I want to help you declutter your soul!

After living with too much stress, striving, and clutter, I realized that less is enough. By making space for what truly matters in life, I found joy, contentment, peace, and an authentic life of faith.

My life changed dramatically when I began to declutter and simplify.

Burned out to Fulfilled

Cluttered to Simplified

Complicated to Stress-Free

I once heard someone say that gratitude helps us find our calling. I would add that simplicity helps us hear our calling.

But it hasn’t always been easy!

I tried so hard to meet the expectations others placed on me.

- The more I contorted myself to follow the typical path in life the more anxious, trapped, and empty I felt.

- The more goals and resolutions I set the less successful I felt.

- The more I added to my life the emptier it became. Can you relate?

Stress became my constant companion, and my dreams of a fulfilled and meaningful life slipped through my grasp.

- I had lost my way and couldn't see through the clutter and noise and the expectations of others to find my own way.

- I had worn myself out trying to keep up with the Joneses and trying to work so hard to prove myself to everyone - including God.

- I was sick - literally and figuratively - trying to please everyone. All I wanted was some breathing room and a place to rest.

I started to wonder if there was a way I could step back, get a do-over, and untangle myself from all this stress.

And then it occurred to me that I was in control of my own life. My choices led me to this place, my choices could lead me out of the stress and confusion.

The urgency to simplify gripped me.

And so began my journey to a simple life.

Since the start of that journey, I've learned that stress is not God's best for our lives. That we can live a rest-based life. That less is more, less is enough, and we can step out of the rat race to live a life of simplicity and authentic faith.

Finding my own way has led me to a life of simplicity, a life of freedom, and an abundant life of gratitude.

The more I simplify the more I learn that letting go is freedom.

Come along on the journey!

Say YES to less and NO to stress.

Take back your life and live for what really matters!

“A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life.” Proverbs 13:7 (MSG)

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Mary Gallagher

I cut the stress, slowed down, and learned the art of intentional living. When you declutter your soul, you make room for what matters. @The Decluttered Soul